Transmission Repair in Austin

happy-mechanicCarters Transmission Repair in Austin services are delivered by experienced professionals who understand the complex nature of modern transmission repair. Contemporary transmissions come with many individual parts inside. To repair the transmission of your vehicle effectively, these parts have to be dismantled, inspected and cleaned properly. Our experts perform accurate assessment to every part of the transmission to determine their tolerance level. All damaged and worn out parts are replaced or repaired properly after thorough inspection. After repair, the parts are reassembled, adjusted and them tested to ensure that they are operating properly.

We know that there are transmission repairs that can be done without dismantling the entire transmission. There are new car models that are controlled using computers and they can have bad connections or faulty sensors. Our experts identify the source of the problem first to repair or replace it appropriately. On the other hand, some old automobiles may have transmission problems that require minor adjustments of parts like throttle cables or bands.

Our repair services also include Reseal. You may have noticed that your car leaves some spots on the driveway. This can be a sign of a leaking transmission. A reseal is required to stop the fluid from leaking. Our technicians will perform a professional lift inspection to reseal the leaking part of your transmission.


Get performance Check for Free

Our services at Carters Transmission Repair in Austin include checking performance of your transmission for free. We perform a comprehensive performance check that include fluid check, pan examination, road test and lift diagnosis or inspection. This service helps in diagnosing problems of the transmission that you may not be aware of. It entails a complete diagnosis of the general performance and operation of the transmission.

Fluid Check

This check enables us to know whether your transmission has damaged or torn parts. A transmission that is in good condition has clear fluid that is red in color. If we notice discoloration, unpleasant order or both, then your transmission may need internal inspection. Our inspection is done professionally to determine whether there is an indication of any of these signs of damaged transmission.

Road Test

We perform a road test that comprises of two parts. We perform a stationary test as well as a driving test. While performing these tests, we check whether your vehicle’s transmission has soft/harsh or erratic shifting, slipping noises and also early or late shift patterns.

Pan Examination

This examination helps us to identify potential problems because it enables us to have a partial look of the inside of the transmission. Pans come with metal particles. However, too much amount of these particles indicates internal damage and wear of the transmission.

Lift Inspection

In this step, our technicians determine the adjustment, replacement or repair that your transmission may need. While performing a lift inspection, our technician checks the following:


  • Linkage of the throttle
  • Neutral switch
  • Modulator
  • Manual linkage
  • Retention of the fluid
  • Modulator vacuum
  • Electronic components
  • U-Joints
  • Transmission mounts

If we notice an internal problem after performing the check, we recommend internal inspection of the transmission for more investigation. Internal inspection comprises of transmission removal and disassembling the unit to have a clear view of the internal parts. All parts are examined for damage and wear during the inspection. You will be given a report of the items that require replacement or repair and the estimate of the service after the inspection.

Carters Transmission Repair in Austin also offer free neighborhood towing services with significant repair. We know that attempting to drive your vehicle when it has transmission issues can cause more damage. Therefore, contact Carters Transmission Repair in Austin for information on towing and availability.